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Tuesday 17 May 2011

Style Icon: Olivia Palermo

Lo confieso: me encanta el estilo de Olivia. Tiene algo que a muchas celebrities les falta por mucha ropa de marca que lleven: elegancia y distinción.
Vale, ayuda mucho el hecho de que sea alta y tenga una piernas quilométricas (¡por supuesto!) pero es algo más. Es su forma de moverse, el tono de su voz, los hoyuelitos de la cara y ese impecable estilo a la hora de combinar prendas low/high cost. 

Es clásica, chic, sofisticada,elegante... Además sabe como sacarse partido: simpre potencia sus piernas y disimula muy bien el hecho de que no tiene cintura (tiene morfología columna) por lo que suele llevar cinturones o chaquetas muy entalladas.

Aquí os dejo algunos de su mejores estilismos…

I must confess it: I just love Olivia’s style. She has got something that most celebrities don’t have (even if they’re dress from head to toe with expensive fashion brands): elegance and distinction. 
Ok, it helps a lot the fact that she’s tall and has very long legs (sure!) but there’s much more. It is the way she moves, the sound of her voice, the two dimples of her face and that amazing style when she combines low/high cost clothes.

She's classic, chic, sofisticated, elegant,... Besides that she knows very well how to enhance her body: she usually shows her legs and boost her non-existent waist (she's a column) with belts and very close-fit jaquets.

Here below I left you some of her best outfits… 


This is one of my favourites

Yes...She also wears Mango. In fact she has been image of the brand


OMG - She's wearing a Zara bag!!!


Marie Claire UK 2011

Haute Muse fashion magazine of the UAE



  1. Nice blog!! i love the first pic so much :)

    do you wanna follow each other??

  2. Thank you MA! Yes I think she's amazingly stylish in the first picture!

    Sure we can follow each other!!



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