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Tuesday 3 May 2011

Royal Wedding: The big mistakes

Después de un fin de semana de empacho con la boda real (¡y que conste que me lo he pasado genial!), me apetece escribir este post para demostraros que incluso la realeza (¡que ya es decir!) también se equivoca en cuestiones de estilismo.

Empecemos por el caso más evidente: las hijas del Duque de York.

After a weekend suffering from a certain “indigestion” due to the massive information of the Royal Wedding (though I must confess that I’ve really enjoyed it!!) I fancy writing this post to show you that even Royalty have “fashion failures” from time to time…

Let’s start with the most obvious example : Duke of York’s daughters.

Vamos a ver chicos ¿es posible llevar un Valentino y parecer un ciervo a punto de ser disparado? SI, si te colocas una diana en la cabeza como lo hizo Beatriz

Ok guys, is it possible to wear a Valentino dress and look like if you were a  deer ready to be shot?? YES if you do like Beatrix and put a bull’s-eye on your head...

En cuanto a Eugenia, su sombrero tiene un pase… Pero ¿ese vestido? Dios mío ¡¡parece mucho más gordita de lo que en realidad está!!

As for Eugenia, her hat is not bad… But what about that dress???? OMG she looks rounder and fatter than she really is…!!

Son cosas que no se entienden, sobre todo porque la noche antes (en la cena ofrecida por la reina Isabel II)  ambas estaban espectaculares…

These mistakes are difficult to understand, especially if we take into account that the night before (during the supper organized by Queen Elizabeth) they both looked stunning…

La princesa Letizia también acudió a la cena de la noche antes de la boda, con un espectacular vestido firmado por Felipe Varela. Cuando la vi salir, me pareció que iba muy guapa pero cuando se giró y dejó a la vista su espalda, casi me caigo al suelo. Está demasiado delgada y desde luego ese no es el escote más favorecedor para ella…!! MAAAAAL…

Princess Letizia also assisted to the supper with a fantastic design by Felipe Varela. When I saw her exiting the hotel I thought she looked beautiful but when she turned back I practically fell down…  She is extremely thin and this cut it is not the most flattering for her… BAAAAAD!!

She looks beautiful...

But when she turns back...OMG!!! What's that back??

Moraleja: “No es el dinero o que te hace estar bien vestido sino el conocimiento”  (Christian Dior)

Moral: “It is not the money that makes you well-dressed, it's understanding" (Christian Dior)



  1. At first I was wondering what whas wrong with Princess Letizia's dress, but you're right, when she turns around it's like 'woah!'

  2. hahahhaah I remember when i was seeing the wedding those two ladies got out of their car and i just laughed out loud! What the heck it that on their head!! OMGOSH! FASHION FAIL!:) nice post haha:) Amazing blog by the way! Nice to meet you!

    farah from Fashionfabrice

  3. Yes Sarah you're alright!! It is a pity because I think she is beautiful and the dress was nice...But her back is not to be showed!!!


  4. Hahahahaha!! You're completely right Farah!!

    By the way thank you for your kind comment.It really means a lot to me!! Nice to meet you too!!


  5. Letizia can´t be skinnier... that back is absolutely horrifying!!!. Please give her a big ham sandwich!!!!


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