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Sunday 31 July 2011

My last weekend of July

Algunas de las cosas que he hecho este fin de semana:

-Ayudar a mi hermana a hacer la maleta para su viaje a Lisboa. Es lo que tiene tener una hermana asesora de imagen, toda la familia se aprovecha de mi!! ;-)
-Ver a mis sobrinos, achucharlos, besarlos, ir al parque con ellos...
-Hacer de Cenicienta en mi apartamento (ni el polvo se evapora por arte de magia ni la ropa va sola a la lavadora...)
-Caminar mucho: me ayuda a aclarar la ideas...¡y de paso hago ejercicio!
-Estudiar las nuevas colecciones O/I en
-Documentarme para prepararos posts muy interesantes
-Preparar mi fiesta de cumpleaños (¡es el jueves 4!)
-Descubrir las nuevas tiendas de mi barrio y comprar todas estas preciosidades... ¡¡por menos de 75€!!

¿Y que tal vosotr@s? ¿Cómo ha ido vuestro finde?

Some of the things I’ve done this weekend:

-Help my sister pack to her trip to Lisbon. Yes, an image consultant sister is always a huge advantage…for everybody in the familiy!! ;-)
-Visit my nephews, squeeze them, kissed them, got to the car with them…
-Playing Cinderella in my apartment (neither the dust magically disappear nor the clothes go alone to the washing machine…)
-Walk a lot: it help me clear my mind… and I do exercise at the same time!!
-Study all the new F/W collections in
-Search for information so as to prepare interesting posts for you
-Organising my birthday party (is next August 4th!)
-Discovering the new shops in my neighbourhood and buying all these beauties…for less than 75€!!

How about you guys? What have you done for the weekend?

Two stripped t-shirts

An amazing Etxart & Panno silk coat

With a matching skirt...but not to wear together!!

An Etxart & Panno coral jersey, ideal with skinny jeans and ballerinas

An Etxart & Panno long skirt (that obviosluy needs a good ironing!!)

Two pairs of earrings and a beautiful bracelet

And this gorgeus evening clutch... for which I only paid 13€!!


  1. ALL of these items totaled Eur 75??? That is a gorgeous clutch and what an amazing price! You did great and I can't wait to see your next outfit post! How lucky you are to have an image consultant as a sister! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Love the coral jersey and the evening clutch.


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